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Before using your new watch, choose the right timepiece and read the instructions carefully.

VJ22 with date (Dolce)
VX9J (Verona)
PE801 (Brilliance)
2035-2036 (all other watches)

How to adjust or change my watch strap

Removing links

The fastest and cheapest way is to have this done by a local jeweler. The other option is to send your watch back to us, so we can do it for you. Please contact us on

Ordering extra links

It is possible to order extra links. If in stock, we can deliver it immediately. If not in stock, we can reorder almost all links, but a delivery period of approximately 6-8 weeks may apply. However we will endeavour to send them out to you as quickly as possible. Costs per link are €7,50 excluding shipping costs. Please send us your request by mail

Adjusting my mesh strap
1. Use a strap tool to lift up the locking part
2. Slide the buckle along the strap to adjust the size
3. When the right size is set, push down the locking part
Changing my leather strap

Put the watch upside down and you will find the pin mechanism on the strap.

Slide the pins to the other side to release the strap from the lug.


Note: if you have bought your watch by one of our official dealers,
please contact them for the return form and conditions.

If the watch doesn't suit you or you prefer a different watch, no problem, we are there to assist you. If you have bought your watch on our website, please download and fill in the return form and send it back to us together with your watch: retourformulier / return form

Return conditions

- The watch is unworn and undamaged
- The watch is in original protective film
- The watch is in original packaging
- The watch has the original booklets and accessories
- Return within 30 days

Warranty and repairs

Warranty valids from the date of purchase. This quality product has a guarantee on movement and construction failure for a period of 24 months. Battery, watch strap/bracelet, glass, stones, pushbuttons, crown and clasp are excluded from guarantee. Damage caused by false use, influencing by other people, incorrect replacement of battery and caused by extreme influences like fall down, bumb, water, etc. result in losses liability.

With very unusual defects, happened within a short time after purchase, please contact us on so we can decide on the best course of action.

Depending on the problem with the watch and purchase date, we will decide on the best course of action. This will either be to repair the watch to the best condition possible or replace for a new watch.
Please contact us on so we can indicate whether your repair is under warranty or provide you with a quotation.